Can't find anyone in the list / search when trying to share something

I’m new in QuickSight, I’ve built datasets, analysis and Dashboard and Now i’d like to share it to others people in my enterprise.
I know at least 3 or 4 others people who have a QuickSight License (in my enterprise), but when I try to share something, I can’t find them ; they doesn’t appears in the list, even if I search them with their e-mail.
Does someone know what to do ?

(note : same issue on dataset / analysis / dashboard / folders / shared folders)

Hi @bherard - Welcome to AWS QuickSight Community and thanks for posting the question. Couple of things, please validate.

  1. Are the users are in the same account like yours.
  2. If you are author of the data set, you can share the data set by the below way.

  1. For analysis and dashboard, follow the share option.

Hope this will help you.
Regards - Sanjeeb

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yes users are in the same account.
I found the solution by accident, in fact I was looking for the account name while it I had to type real people name in search box then AWS find account name ?!.