Change sheet name dynamically

I have a parameter to select a language (English,Chinese) and on selection of the language the entire dashboard should change to reflect text in that language. I am able to change the data within charts by creating calculated fields. However, I also need to change the chart headers & sheet headers to another language. I can only pass a parameter to dynamically change the sheet/visual name. I tried using a workaround by uploading an excel which contains a Language & text mapping and creating two parameters, one for language & one for text value. Using ‘show relevant values’ I can filter the 2nd parameter based on the 1st but it displays the default value if I put any and if I leave default value blank if shows ‘All’. If I manually select the correct value, the sheet name changes. Any idea how I can do it one-click? (selecting only the required language)

You can’t do this in QuickSight as of now.

I can mark this as a feature request.


@Pankhuri - Did you try to insert parameters and see if the Sheet names are changing according to your parameter selection? I have tried it out at my end and it is reflecting properly for a simple scenario of Single Value Parameter.

In the screenshot above, I am using a single value parameter in the sheet name which is linked to a field containing the word ‘Data Glossary’ and it’s translations. If I select a language through another parameter (Language selection), it shows ‘All’ instead of the translated text.