Change timezone in filter by date (marked as "This day")

How would I change the time zone in the filter by date marked as current date, since when filtering by “This day” it shows the next day after 6pm in Mexico time.

Thank you so much for the help.

Currently the relative date filters operate on UTC timezone. You would need to create a calculated field that takes the timezone offset into consideration and checks for the current day.

  truncDate('DD', addDateTime(6, 'HH', {dateField})) = truncDate('DD', now()),

and then add a filter to your visual for this field’s value being TODAY

Thanks for answering.
Yes, many tell me to add a calculated field, however my dates in the SPICE and the now() from the dataset are correct, the problem is the QuickSight date filter component, those options already come by default and not them. I can change, it marks another time zone and not the one of my country, so I don’t know where that setting can be changed from the UTC of my country for the date components in QS.

In case it is possible with the calculated field, it will only have the option of the current day but it will not have the rest of the options that the date component shows, for example by date range or previous day, etc.

This is a repeat of this question: How to change the date and time according to the country for the configuration in Quicksight? - #6 by Naveed. Going to close in favor of that question