How to change the date and time according to the country for the configuration in Quicksight?

Hi, I have a problem:
When I add a filter by date, especially by current day, I imagine that QuickSight takes the date and time from the USA, so when I select by current date at the end of the day it already takes the date of the next day in Mexico.
How would I change the time zone in QuickSight?

Hi, you just need to change the number of minutes different between USA and Mexico.
Create new calculation field and past the given below code. Change the value of 80 and 150 as day light saving in your region if required.

{Current_Date}>='01/01/2019’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/31/2019’,addDateTime(80,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='04/01/2019’and {Current_Date}<=‘10/27/2019’,addDateTime(150,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='10/28/2019’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/28/2020’,addDateTime(80,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='03/29/2020’and {Current_Date}<=‘10/24/2020’,addDateTime(150,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='10/25/2020’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/27/2021’,addDateTime(80,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='03/28/2021’and {Current_Date}<=‘10/30/2021’,addDateTime(150,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='10/31/2021’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/26/2022’,addDateTime(80,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='03/27/2022’and {Current_Date}<=‘10/29/2022’,addDateTime(150,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='10/30/2022’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/25/2023’,addDateTime(80,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='03/26/2023’and {Current_Date}<=‘10/28/2023’,addDateTime(150,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='10/28/2023’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/30/2024’,addDateTime(80,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),
{Current_Date}>='03/31/2024’and {Current_Date}<=‘10/26/2024’,addDateTime(150,‘MI’,{Current_Date}),


Thanks Naveed.

Are those specific dates due to schedule changes? so, should I keep them?

I don’t understand why the values 80 & 150.

Thank you so much…

Can you try this using parseDate after a format date as specified here:

formatDate({your date field},"MM/dd/yy HH:mm",'America/Los_Angeles')

It is worth mentioning that the data in my SPICE is correct, if it shows the dates with the time zone of my country, the problem is in the date filter of the QuickSight component, specifically when “This day” is selected, it is in another zone default time and I don’t know if I could modify it, since it seems to me it is due to QuickSight’s own configuration.

Sorry for the delay response.

you can consider the 01/01/2019’and {Current_Date}<=‘03/31/2019 as day hight saving period for 80 minutes or any differece in you region.
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sorry? Why did you close my questions? if it is the same topic but explained in a different way so that they can understand me since they are understanding another topic.

Hi Fabiola. I linked these to one question so that we can have the discussion all in one place on the topic and so that it is easier for others to find the solution in the future

I am having the same issue with the date filter. After 7PM, this day is taking into account tomorrow.
This is a relative date filter (I believe it has nothing to do with formulas)


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I am also wondering the same and I’ve looked at all the related posts tagged and I don’t see a solution.

We do have functionality on our roadmap for custom time zones. @emilyzhu

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Its is simply, create new calculation field and to add date time QS function.
Use the increased date as you date slicer.

That’s right David, it’s an issue that we can’t solve ourselves since it seems to be an internal QuickSight issue because it’s an automatic filter that shows the current date.
They told me that we have to wait for them to solve it.
Or do you by any chance already have a solution?

Could you give me more details please?

Thank you.

Hi thanks.

But if Quicksight already gives us the solution of a filter with current date, it should be working correctly, if not, what is it there for?

Has this issue ever been resolved?

We have the exact same issue. We have the correct date and timestamps on the data. They are accurate to our timezone. We have a dashboard that tracks hourly sales and updates every hour. At 6pm the visual stops updating unless we manually go in and reset the dates on the filter for the visual. Once we update it, it will then display correctly. That is Not a workable solution as we are embedding this image.

Were you able to solve this?


We continue with the same error, I raised a ticket to support and they tell me that they already have it on the radar, however they do not have a delivery date with this correction. :frowning: and you?

Nothing yet. I’m not sure this is accurately marked as ‘resolved’. It’s misleading.


I have the problem of the relative dates, does Amazon already have a deployment date? The proposals they present have nothing to do with the relative dates.