When will QS allow changing UTC TZ to any other TZ?

Currently, Quicksight has UTC as their internal timezone, and it is unchangeable. This is awful for several reasons, the main reason being that semantically defined days within filters adjust whenever UTC changes days. This happens at 7PM EST/ 4PM PST. This is obviously a horrible practice, because I have clients who look at “Today” or “previous day”, or “last X days”, and find their expectations of the days are wrong. There are a few related threads, mostly closed, but no solutions and no roadmaps.

1 - Will this be solved by the Quicksight team?
2 - When can we expect a resolution?

This functionality seems incredibly obviously needed and a simple ask to define.

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I will mark this as a feature request.

I would love to see this as well, but unfortunately I don’t have any visibility / timeline on this feature.

We are working on the native support for custom timezone, for this year.
@elemus let’s continue the discussion offline about your detailed need.
@Max feel free to msg me offline, happy to work together on the detailed design and requirement.
Closing the thread here.

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Hello @emilyzhu , I am also reviewing discrepant calculations when reviewing my dashboard after 6PM, and it is related to the timezone discrepancy. How do we set up EST as our date and time?

Hi @santiagowp , as Emily mentioned above, we are working on the native support for custom timezone, for this year. I also noticed that you mentioned that you have calculations that are not showing as expected. Will you be able to share a sample calculation?


Hi @santiagowp , I am messaging you offline - we can arrange for preview for your account if you want. Thanks!