Changing title based on parameter values

Lets say I have three parameters A, B, and C. If parameter A = 1 I want my title to = parameter B. If parameter A = 2 I want my title to = parameter C. I can create a calculated field that does this, but I can’t set a parameter’s value to equal a calculated field so it hasn’t done me much good. As far as I know I can’t use the value of a calculated field in a title either. Has anyone encountered this?

Hi, currently Quicksight cannot fully support this use cases. But here are some context, for your information, maybe would be helpful as you explore workarounds:

  1. Currently Quicksight support parameter to link to calculated filed only if your calculated field are created at the data prep phase. So you maybe able to use ifelse() to define some calculatd fields at data prep for further use for parameters in analysis.
  2. We are working to enable a new feature (in 2022) to enable users to define parameters in CustomerSQL dataset at data prep phase. Once that is enabled, you would be able to create parameter and calculated field both at the data prep phase to realize your logic.
  3. In stead of using parameter in title, you can also try to use freeform layout, and cascading filter, together with conditional rules to create similar results for your parameter combinations.

Free free to share your approaches later in the community. We would love to see users’ creativity as they solve their real-life problems.

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great thank you so much!

Using free-form layout and placing narrative-tile as title can help meeting your requirement. parameter values can be fetched in narrative (by selecting customize narrative option) based on your calculation.

Hi @AnwarAli
Thank you for your response. I am using free-form, but I am struggling to find narrative-tile, would you be able to clarify what it is?
Thank you.

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