Comparison between 2 Visualizations- Difference in the count

Hey team,

How Do I compare between the two below visualizations.

I need to show the missing rows in the visualization 2 in comparison to visualization 1.

We have 72 rows vs 66 rows in v1 vs v2.

Proposal- To show the difference between number of files arrived in Raw zone and Number of files getting processed to the processed zone.

Hello @dsahu !

I think I understand your issue but to clarify, you are missing expected rows in v2 and are trying to find a way to determine which rows are missing? I’m assuming that these visualizations use the same dataset.

Do you have any filters active on v2 or v1 that do not appear on the other? Another thought I have is using one of your row attributes, like Carrier Code, to single out any missing rows by hiding the the other fields in the table.

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