Conditional formatting based on rank improvement

Hi team,

I was wanting to know how I can add some conditional formatting to the below grid which shows weekly ranks for sales people. I havent been able to figure out how to do this, as the conditional formating only appears to allow for data across the whole table (>25%, between, <25% etc.)

As you can see, some of the sales people have moved up and down across the various weeks. Ideally I would like to show an up arrow (green) when they improve rank, sideways (orange) arrow when they stay the same, and a down (red) arrow when they lose a rank week on week.


Any guidance or help would be appreciated.

Have you tried a periodOverperiodDiffernce and then doing conidtional formatting on if it’s above zero, below, or zero?

The do conditional formatting on that field like such

@Max - great - thanks very much for this. I didnt realize I needed to create another calculated field to pass into the table for the conditional formatting.

I had issues with the WoW delta showing in the table, so I have just hidden this field so it doesnt clutter up the talbe.