Conditional Formatting | Same Column | Different Values

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I’m trying to achieve conditional formatting in a column, but the catch is the target has been revised several times over the period and I don’t see any option of applying the same for a specific time period. It’s getting implemented on the entire column.
Is there a way to achieve more than one formatting in the same column based on different values?
For example: till WK 25 the target defined was 2500 but post that it changed to 3000. So till WK 25 anything below 2500 is green and post that anything below 3000 is green.

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In this usecase, you need to create another calculated field with the required logic like below and include it in the field well and hide it.

ifelse( ( {sales_date} <= ‘01-JUL-2023’ AND {sales} > 1000 )
OR ( {sales_date} > ‘01-JUL-2023’ AND {sales} > 1500 ),‘GREEN’,‘ORANGE’

And define the conditional formatting on the actual value column based on the hidden calculated field.

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Hello there @apjvinod , really appreciate your solution on this. Please allow me sometime, I’ll try this and come back on this soon!

Hi there @apjvinod,

The solution here isn’t working!

Hello @Mohseen_Alam_Khan !

Did you receive any specific errors when you tried @apjvinod 's solution or did you get an unexpected result?

Hello @Mohseen_Alam_Khan ! It’s been a few days since we’ve heard from you and would still like to help you find a solution. Would you be able to share the errors that you received?

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