Context filtering Quicksight dashboard embedded in Salesforce

Hi Guys,

I am working through how to embed a quicksight dashboard into Salesforce for our users. Most of the documentation looks straight forward but I can not see how to apply a context filter to the dashboard based on what object the user is on in Salesforce. Is this possible?

Basically, when a user is on a certain account page I want the account ID to be passed back to the quicksight dashboard and the dashboard to be filtered to be only for this account.

I am hoping this is possible or we may need to look to using more native reporting systems for Salesforce like Tableau CRM…



Not sure how you are planning to embed, but if you have canvas app, you can get the context using javascript. See: Canvas app sample code for getting context

  • If you are able to use our embedding javascript SDK, you can pass parameters .

  • OR, if you are directly adding the static URL, then you can use parameters in URL.{accountId}/dashboards/{dashboardId}?#p.accountId={AccountIdFromContext} .

In your dashboard, you will have to hook up the parameter with relevant filter Using filters with parameters in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Please note that filters are useful for filtering the data to focus on contextual data, but it’s not recommended for implementing row-level security.