Controls refresh only every 24 hours?

I’m trying out Quicksight, and as part of the process I’m jumping back and forth between adding stuff to the Redshift data warehouse and trying things out in Quicksight. Or that was the plan at least. Because now it appears the data for the controls is refreshed automatically every 24 hours and can’t be manually I updated. I tried a full refresh of a SPICE dataset too, didn’t work.

Hoping I’m being stupid here!

Hi @andness, can you please provide a more detailed walkthrough of what you tried? For example, what kind of dataset are you using (SPICE or direct query), what is the datasource (I’m assuming Redshift), are you seeing the issue with controls in an analysis or a dashboard? What exactly is the issue with the controls (what do you mean by manually updated)? What kind of control is it (a parameter vs a filter control), and roughly how many sample values are there (> or < 1000)?

The 24 hour refresh occurs only for controls linked to fields from direct query datasets (not SPICE datasets), and this does not prevent the control from being manually refreshed (see this announcement for more info). Here is some additional info on refreshing SPICE datasets, in case you are using a SPICE dataset.

I’ve created a SPICE dataset of sales which is pulled from a table in Redshift. I created this dataset yesterday, and this morning I realized that the region dimension was missing. So I add the region dimension to the Redshift database, and then perform a full refresh of the SPICE dataset. But when I go to the analysis I’ve built, but the region dimension still isn’t available for use in the fields list.

However, I now clicked on the dataset in my analysis and picked “Edit”. The region is available in the field list, so after clicking “Publish and visualize” it became available in the field list.

So maybe this is the answer, whenever changes to the field list is made to the underlying data source you need to “republish” the dataset?

Hey @andness yes that is the case. Whenever you update a dataset you need to publish it to reflect the changes.

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