Create a Analysis from Existing analysis but use a different dataset with same fields in it


I have a Analysis A created based on the DataSet1 with N columns, Now I want to replace the dataset to DataSet2 for the same Analysis A !
DataSet2 is also having same columns as DataSet1, Is there anyway I can just use the same analysis with a different dataset without changing anything on the analysis A.

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel - Yes, you can do it . Please see the below screenshot.

  1. In the analysis tab, click the pen in the dataset tab.
  2. open the pen
  3. Click the edit or replace data set.

Hope the above details will help in fixing the issue. If yes, please marked this as solution so that it will help to others in the community.

Regards - Sanjeeb


Thanks Sanjeeb! it worked!

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