Create a conditional formation

Hey guys,
I´m new in quicksight and I have to resent a graphic that sum the total of numbers and My job is point up the ones that are out of the normal ragel but I can do this in the dinamic table, can you help me to spotlight those one that are out of the avarage like I do in excel?

hi Boaz, it looks like this question/answer is what you are looking for: QuickSight Conditional Formatting and Multi-Column Sorting | AWS re:Post. Hope this helps!

Hi alaresch, it isn´t working but thank you.

The situation change, I have to create an alert to values or information that show up in a time period, i can put conditional formation on the vertical but I also have to make those formations in the vertical.

Can you help me?

I don’t quite follow your requirement. When you say alert - do you mean alerts that are set up as thresholds to send a notification when it is hit (documentation)?
Or is this what you are looking for? Highlight Critical Insights with Conditional Formatting in Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog