Create an alert to display export limitations on quicksight

I would like to know; is there any way we can alert the customers about the export limitations on Quicksight for CSV and Excel for embedded dashboards?

Or can we create a work around to do the same on analysis?

Export limits are:
For CSV - 1 Million records or 500 MB whichever is first,
For Excel: Limit to 50,000 rows or 16,384 columns,

as mentioned on the below mentioned link.
Exporting data from visuals - Amazon QuickSight

Hi @nishanth_m,

One option would be to create a text box containing the above export limitation text and have this displayed in a summary / overview sheet of the dashboard. Otherwise you could leverage the new snapshot APIs and build out similar functionality within the application using a custom button / alert. If however, you would like QuickSight to natively support an export limitation alert, let me know and this can be raised as a feature request on your behalf.

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We can actually view these limitations under “View exports” even for embedded dashboards, but if the dataset that is export is smaller, it will not appear, because these limits appear only during export preparation or while processing. Yes, I would like to create this as a feature request on quicksight, so that users can be aware of the limitations of their export.