Create scheduled refresh with command line

I’m looking for a way to pause and restart (or re-create) our scheduled dataset refreshes. I’m wondering if there is a way to do it with CLI.

Thanks in advance

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do you mean to create a new scheduled ingestion? or trigger an existing ingestion?
Create new schedule API is not available yet
but you trigger/cancel an existing ingestion by below API

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Thank you @royyung for the quick response. I meant create new scheduled ingestion.
We have a maintenance window in the DB that the scheduled ingestion queries. Some ingestions fail during that window of time creating unnecessary alerts.
We were trying to avoid that.

Schedule ingestion API is already in our radar. At the moment, instead of fixed schedule ingestion, you may consider building an event driven SPICE refresh. So that ingestion will be triggered by API. And you may add error checking mechanism before SPICE data refresh. Only trigger ingestion if no error was found in ETL pipeline