Creating a single table that will dynamically update based on a drop down selection

I am trying to design one/single table that will automatically update to new forms of data based on a drop down filter.

If a date range is chosen, it should be allowed to be displayed, broken down into days, weeks, months, or years via a selector dropdown.

The drop-down that I want to create will have the text: Day, Week, Month, Year.

When I select a text value in the dropdown, it should automatically/dynamically update the single table visual to the appropriate view or table in accordance to per day, week, month or year breakdown (as chosen in the drop down).

The table should also properly report on the % difference breakdown.

How can I achieve this on Quicksight ? I really need to avoid creating too many tables to do this - and maintain only one single table.

My current table looks like this:

Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for reaching out. You may be able to accomplish this using parameters.