Creating Week over Week for multiple fields

I want to calculate week over week for multiple fields.
Is there any faster way to do it?
Here’s the example:
I have fruit sales percent for last 6 weeks, but also want the last two weeks WoW to be shown:

I currently calculate the WoW for each row, but having trouble formatting it.
Wondering if there’s any way would calculate it for all the rows.

Hello @danddong !

If each week is it’s own field with sales data WoW could you accomplish this with a relative dates filter on your table?

For example, something like what I have in this screenshot:

Thank you for sharing this. I’m still unable to put the WoW in a single view with filtering relative dates. The WoW has to be calculated for each category of fruit.

Hi @danddong,

To help the community provide assistance here would you be able to supply an obfuscated sample dataset (via the upload option), your WoW calculation and an example of your desired output?

Many Thanks,

Hi @abacon , I’ll upload a sample dataset later.
I think the challenge I’m facing with is that each row of the numbers/percentages are calculated fields. I have to calculate WoW based on those calculated fields. It worked, but wondering if any more efficient way.