Customize table where the string goes after value

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if placing a string on the right side of the numerical value is possible.

Currently, when creating a table in QS, I place all string values in group by and all numerical values in value.

For example, I have the following data points. I have the following table in QS by placing

  • string1 & string 2 in group by, and
  • decimal1 & decimal2 & decimal3 in value
String1 String2 Decimal1 Decimal2 Decimal3
“Value1” “Value2” 25.5 100.75 50.2
“Value3” “Value4” 30.0 75.25 42.8
“Value5” “Value6” 15.75 60.5 37.0

Desired result:
However, is it possible to visualize the following table in Quicksight, where String2 goes after Decimal2?

String1 Decimal3 Decimal1 Decimal2 String2
“Value1” 50.2 25.5 100.75 “Value2”
“Value3” 42.8 30.0 75.25 “Value4”
“Value5” 37.0 15.75 60.5 “Value6”

Hi @irinaaaaa ,

Yes! Click on the column header for String2 and you’ll get a popup with a ‘Move’ menu item:

Then simply click the arrow to move that whole column to where you want. In my case, I moved the address to the end of the table:

Hope that helps.


Hello @wstevens01,

Thank you so much!! That is super helpful.