Dashbaord User Acitities log must leverage CloudTrail?

understand that if quicksight admin users want to get user activities log (simple metric like who opened a dashboard), we can use CloundTrail (see this blog).

Is CloudWatch the only solution for now? or I’m wondering whether it is a roadmap item that admin users can get the log (simply not complicated insights) directly without further building up?

Hi there. This item within the QuickSight console is on our roadmap. Thanks

Hi Lillie, Thanks for your reply. Would it be possible to share a bit more about this roadmap, like timeline or what type of log QuickSight console will offer for our team to assess we’ll need further leverage with CloudTrail or wait. Thanks a lot

Hi jjc. For now that is all we can share, but keep an eye on the what’s new section of the community, which will be updated when this feature launches (or other new features). If you provide details of what you’re looking for I can make sure to get those to the team though

Check this blog: Building an administrative console in Amazon QuickSight to analyze usage metrics | AWS Big Data Blog
The sample dashboard is here: Administrative Dashboard Demo
Simple run these three CFN and then you can get the usage analytics set up in your aws account: amazon-quicksight-sdk-proserve/Admin_Console/cfn at master · aws-samples/amazon-quicksight-sdk-proserve · GitHub
Youtube video tutorial is here: Virtual Admin Workshop: Building an Admin Console to perform user governance and more - YouTube

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