Dashboard Filter of Fields

Hi! How can I do to create a filter that includes a list of fields? then, how do I create a chart that changes the data and the title depending on the field that is selected in the filter?

Hi @Nicolas_Torres Yes we can do this by using Parameter so please follow the steps to achieve the result.

I used the People Overview Datasets(Default Datasets available in QuickSight) you can use the same to check at you end.


In the picture above the two Yellow Highlighted box one is for Datasets which is present above and the second Yellow Highlighted box is to see the list of fields available in the datasets.

I selected these 3 Blue Highlighted box to create the Field Level filter

Step -1

Create a String type parameter and added the name of your selected field what you want to add into the filter.

Go to parameter and click on the add Parameter then select the name of the parameter then select the Datatype of the parameter then select the Single Value Parameter and lastly put one Static Default value. So here I put the default value as Business Function. Once you setup with all the details just click on the Create button to create the Parameter.

Step -2

Once you create the Parameter then the Parameter goes into the Parameter menu so where you can see your all list of parameter and also you can create the Parameter Control from this section.

So select the Parameter and click on the Add Control once you click on the Add control then the Add Control Dialog box ask you some details to put for create the action.
So here Put the Name of the Parameter Control then select the control style so here I am select the style as List type then select Specific Values dropdown and put all the three field name in the Specific Values list. Here I am putting the Business Function, Job Family, Education and then click on the Add button.**

Step -3

Once you complete the creation process of parameter then you need to activate the parameter by using calculated field so you need to create one calculated field.


So now you have completed the process of Parameter creation & Parameter activation now in next step you need to create the visual & add the dynamic title on it.

Step -4
So I created a simple Table chart type and in the field well I put the Created Calculated field (Dimension Field Selection) and the value I put the Monthly compensation.

And I created the dynamic parameter with field selection. On the right side you have the list of field what we created so simply select one by one to see the value.

For creating the dynamic title just go to the format visual menu and add the parameter on the Edit title box and do some format.

So these are the simple steps to follow to achieve the result.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash


Wow! thank you so much @Biswajit_1993, This step by step is very understandable and it was really useful to me.


hi @Nicolas_Torres Thanks for responding back. Good to know that you have found out your solutions. Please mark this as Solutions so that others also take this as reference.

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Thanks so much for all the expert advice you are sharing on the Community @Biswajit_1993! :slight_smile:

@Nicolas_Torres, based on your feedback, I am marking @Biswajit_1993’s post as the solution. (Of course, let us know if you hit any other roadblocks.) Thx you two! :slight_smile: