Dashboard on a fixed screen


I would like to know how the refresh of the data in the dashboard works.
Let’s say I want to put the dashboard 24/7 on a TV.

what happen with the data? I have set incremental refresh every 15 minutes and full load 1 time per day.
If I have always open the dashboard, does the dashboard automatically show the new data or I need to refresh the web page every time?

also, is there any limitation of time for the log in? I mean if I have 24/7, I do not want to go there any x hours and do the log in again

thank you

I have found this article but I got a little bit confused when it says: is only available if you use QuickSight [Capacity Pricing]

(Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services) Auto dashboard page refresh - Question & Answer - Amazon QuickSight Community

I have admin license for me and I will have viewer licenses for the people that have to see the dashboard

@remba87 try hack

embed the dashboard in iframe on static page, and write small javascript which reload the page ever 15 mins


if your QuickSight subscription is using Capacity Pricing, you can have an option to enable dashboard to auto refresh when publishing the dashboard. The refresh interval can down to 1min.

if you are are under User based pricing, then you may use add on in browser or use a web application to embed dashboard to trigger dashboard refresh

otherwise, the dashoard will not auto refresh unless you manually refresh the browser


Hi @neelay thank you for your suggestion…but why do I need to embed the dashboard?
Can I just do a javascript within the pag with the dashboard open? or you think that in that case there is the log out problem?

@remba87 not sure how & where you are thinking of writing javascript code…
As far as I know, your QS doesn’t have any visual type where you can write javascript, And also that opens the security door as well…

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