Data bars in pivot table?

Can we add data bars to pivot tables? I’m not seeing it, but wanted to check. Would be great if we could…

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Hello @kakervall, are you talking about the “Reference lines” option that appears in some of the visuals when editing format? If so that isn’t a current feature, but I can leave this as a feature-request.

Hey @DylanM! In the table type visual you can add data bars under the Visuals section of the editing panel.

I was hoping to do the same thing in a pivot table, but the pivot table type visual doesn’t have this section in the editing panel:

Do you know if there is a way to add the data bars to pivot tables? I’m looking to try and make my pivot tables have more visual representation of the data. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hello @kakervall, my apologies, I see what you are saying now. The QuickSight documentation is not the most clear about this, but it looks like that is not a function that can be added to anything other than the regular table visual. The best alternative I can think of, which I realize isn’t quite the same, would be to utilize conditional formatting on the field with the gradient color scale. That could at least function similarly to the data bars you are looking for.

Oh this is any interesting idea… I hadn’t ever done anything with the conditional formatting before in pivot tables. Thank you for pointing this out. While it isn’t exactly what I was looking for, it does make it better than looking at a plain table. Thank you!

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