Data filter and count of data using calculated field

Hi All,
I am trying to achieve below output:-

  1. Filtering column 1 with data=6(it has 0 and 6).
  2. Count column 2 with login id separately.

expected out put - provide count for each login id in column 2 if column 1 has data 6.


you can just add a Filter for “data” and set it up like in the screenshot.


Did I understand it correctly, what you want to achieve?


In column 2 there are multiple login id and i need count of- column 1 with filter 6(available data 0 and 6) and column 3- audited yes,no,blank. Here we are checking who all completed, pending and total count.Example login- nandan- complted - 6 pending- 2 total- 8.

Can you explain how you get pending? Is that by blank? So is your column two currently the total and you want it broken out by completed and pending?

If you could provide screen shots to what you would like and what yo have currently that would be helpful.

Thank you

Hi @nandu!

Checking. Any thoughts on @Max’s questions? Let us know if you can provide some screenshots. Otherwise, let us know if this is resolved. Thx!