Data filter for one day withouth inserting time


I have a question regarding the data filters…

If I select “date & time range” I have a nice looking windows

However if I want to filter only for one day, it creates problem if I do not change the time also…this can be a not fluid solution so I thought I could just do the
“relatives date”

however in this case, selecting the same day I see no data in the report…is there a wahy to keep the range and allow it also to show also only 1 day if needed?

Thank you


select the filter type Relative date.

Naveed Ali

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HI @remba87 ,
In the filter section you have one options called as Time Granularity on that you need to select the time granularity as Day.

PFB the picture for your reference.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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I tried both solution…but it still does not work…

it work for example if I select as dates

1-June and 2-june…in this way I see the data only for 1 June…

it looks like with that filter I can not do the “=” but only “>” and “<”

hi @remba87 then no issues we can achieve this by using two date time parameter one is start date parameter and another is end date parameter.

Step -1

Create two date time parameter 1. Start Time 2. End Time
(Note when you create the two date time parameter please add the time granularity as Day and put the Fixed Date and Relative Date as per your wish)

PFB the picture.

Step -2
Then select the Date filed filter as Date Time Range and put the start date parameter and end date parameter as picture below.

Step -3

Once that completed then add both parameter as control that is start time and end time.

and change the date format on the parameter control sides.


Step - 4

If you see this my final out put for a single day.

Please check with this solutions and get back to us.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash


thank you!

I will try ASAP

It works like this, thank you!

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