Data points limitation and not able to scroll back

I noticed the different types of visualizations have a hard cap on the amount of datapoint that can be visualized with line graph having 10000 max data points.(is this the max datapoints visualization at the moment?)
Is there a plan to increase the cap or to offer a scrolling feature to be able to scroll back trough the data when the dataset has more then 10000 points in a specified date window?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Dom
Line charts show up to 10,000 data points on the x-axis when no color field is selected. When color is populated, line charts show up to 400 data points on the x-axis and up to 25 data points for color.

These datapoints are good for # of years on x-axis if you like to aggregate by year , Quarter month or day and you have datazoom option. What is your desired aggregation level on x-axis and do you see data point limit is challenging your use-case ?

Also , i would like to highlight , you can display the date field at your desired aggregation level dynamically, instead of drilling up or drill down from the axis. Similar to one shown in demo here -

Hope this information helps with your scenario.