Line chart cut off to much less than 10,000 data points

I have around 2,200 data points that I would like to display in a line chart with the x-axis being 365 days and one daily KPI being available for 6 clients that I use in the “Color” section of the chart.
I’ve read that line charts should support 10,000 data points. However, as soon as I drag the client column into “Color”, the x-axis gets automatically limited to the latest 200 days only. That is, only 1,200 data points are displayed.
How can I avoid this behavior?
It would be great if you could help me on this, as I would like to display a longer period of time!

Hi @BarbaraW

The 10,000 limit is when not using ‘color’ to do additional group by.

When using colors, the limits are fixed to 25 colors X 400 data points per color = 10,000.

A workaround might be to create a calculated field PER client and add them to the chart. (using if else statement in formula)

Please find docs that specify the above here:

Ramon Lopez

Hello Ramon,
thanks a lot for your answer and the information!
400 data points per client would already be nice, but as I described, the graph is clearly limited (cut off) to 200 data points per client only.
Above the chart, it says “SHOWING TOP 200 IN DATE AND BOTTOM 6 IN CLIENT”.
Do you know why this could be?
Does the limit of 25 colors X 400 data points per color only apply in the Enterprise version of QuickSight?

Can you please share a screenshot of what the chart looks like and some info on the data/data points so we can examine better?


Hello Ramon,
please find attached the screenshot of the chart!
The data contains 317 values for each client (ie, one value for 317 days). Let me know if I should share the data with you (nothing sensitive)!

In the chart, the values are automatically limited to 200 days (22 April - 7 November 2022).
When I remove the clients as “color”, the entire time period is correctly displayed.
Thank you!


I have a similar problem…no color at all and I can see only 2500 points
no color at all

@remba87 I guess this could be because of ‘Number of data point to Show’ found under Axis defaulting to 2500. Could you increased this to 10,000 and check if this resolves your issue

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Yes, you are right, that was the problem! thank you!