Dataset failed to refresh due to permission error

I set the schedule to import data to QuickSight spice every hour yet I got error message below.
Data in my account is controlled by LakeFormation so I granted the data access permission to QuickSight service role but still getting the error. How can I fix it?

“test_view” failed to refresh
A problem occurred during the refresh of your SPICE dataset for the account. Here are the details:

Access to the requested resources denied by the data source. Request permissions from your database administrator or ensure proper permission has been granted to Amazon QuickSight before retrying.

Are you using Athena?

And have you given access to s3 buckets that have the data?

Hi, Max
I do use Athena for data source and all permissions for both Athena and S3 are granted.
I think it’s a LakeFormation issue yet don’t know which role that I should grant permission to.

Hi @phoebe

So your Athena views work? They just don’t work in quicksight?

Turns out it was LakeFormation permission issue. Now I fix it. Thanks for your reply!

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