Dataset Parameters in Controls

Based on this article Advanced use cases of dataset parameters - Amazon QuickSight I created a single–column table with all unique values for my control.

But I want this control to be dynamic based on the dataset parameter I send from my embedded application.

is this something that could be achieved? filters filters-controls-and-parameters

@evgeny55 Hi I saw you have asked similar question to this, were you able to figure this out?

@Oliver_Smith_Iruthay ,

You pass parameter as part of the javascript sdk

in my webpage i have the following parameters and the value to be passed.

                        Name: 'pmembertype',
                        Values: ['member'],
                        Name: 'pstartstionname',
                        Values: ['Adler Planetarium'],

The same parameter is defined in my customsql

Default values for pmembertype is casual , pstartstionname is Eckhart Park

The dashboard displays the values which have been defined in my webpage code.

The controls are created by connecting to a different dataset which shows all the values

Changing the value in my application code , does display the same in my dashboard.

Name: ‘pstartstionname’,
Values: [‘900 W Harrison St’]

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hi @Koushik_Muthanna the dataset am using to connect to the controls (in your case divvy_trip_data) is also based on a dataset parameter.

e.g. following is the query

select distinct company_name from companies where user_id=<<$UserId>> and am passing this UserId from embedded application

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 8.01.47 PM

when I change the user_id from my application the dropdown is not having any effect, it is just loading based on default values

@Oliver_Smith_Iruthay ,

That is currently not supported.

1/ You would need still a dataset with all the unique values without any dataset parameters [userid and companyid].
2/ the analysis userid parameter , you can create a control and map it to the dataset in step 1
3/ the analysis companyid parameter, you can create a control and map it to the dataset in step 1
4/ set relevant values in company id control so that it displays data only for userid selected Adding filter controls to analysis sheets - Amazon QuickSight ( cascading control )

This looks like a solution, I can hide the user id parameter as well, let me try.

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But I cannot expose user id of other customers to some other customer, but I will try something based on your input, thanks.