Date Ranges Selection in Quicksight Q

When I put the following prompt in QuicksightQ, it runs the range for last 30 day-
“how many members purchased product in last 30 days”, it runs the analysis and uses the following date range-

Considering that today is 4th of August and 2023-08-05 is excluded, this result is fine

However, when i change the prompt to
“how many members purchased test product for offers in last 3 months”, the following date range is picked up-

The last date in the date range is now Sept 1, 2023, whereas the last 3 months should be calculated on the current date, so the ranges i expect should be from “2023-05-05” to “2023-08-05”

Why does this happen? Is there a way to fix this?

Hello @Sahil !

Out of curiosity, if you add “last three months from today”, or something similar, does that make a difference or make the results more accurate?

It’s cumbersome to add but I wonder if giving it an endpoint will help.

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I found that’s how relative date filters work in QuickSight in general. It’s not specific to Q. Take a look at this post:

QuickSight includes the full period. Even though we’re still at the beginning of August, it includes the whole month of August. I think for most people this is not the desired behaviour, so we should have both options like I suggested in my post.

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