Different drop down display label from the drop down value

Is it possible to separate the value from the label in the drop-down?

Like in HTML, these are two separate values.

<option value="AD">Andorra</option>
<option value="CA">Canada</option>

E.g. when a user selects the “Canada” option, I want the parameter value to be CA.


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Hello @m0ltar ,
This is a good question and I will translate this to our product team.
Rigth now, the way to do so is using a calculated field and the function ifelse.
NewField = ifelse( value="AD",Andorra,value="CA",Canada,...)

@JoseB-aws Sorry, I am not sure how this would work?

I want the drop-down labels to say “Canada”, but the parameter value to be CA.

But mapping from Canada → CA isn’t reliable. In the simplest case with country names, then maybe it is. But there are other cases, e.g. think “Customer Name” → “Customer ID” mapping. There is no guarantee that the customer name is unique. There might be several “John Smith” names, each mapping to a different customer_id (PK).

In the ifelse could you replace the CA with a parameter for a workaround?