How to filter data using dropdown actual value instead dropdown label/display value

I have customer details like customer name, surname , customer id in dataset. I want to add a Dropdown filter which will show will display {customer name} - {customer surname} as display value. But when user select any of these display value, dashboard should get filtered using actual value “customer id” instead display value.

I have to create similar filter but using “Dropdown MultiSelect” with product names as display value and product ids as actual value to filter.

I read and
but did not understood the answer.

How to achieve this?

Hi @rahul.kolage
as {customer name} - {customer surname} are directly liked to the {customer id} and I guess 1:1 related what would be the difference to filter name or id?

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Hello @ErikG , thanks for reply.
Yes, agree with you, this is 1:1 relation. The original filter was only with Customer name only, but there were customers with same names, so added / attached surname to it to differentiate. But found out that there are customers having name and surnames same.

That’s why even if I select a customer with name from dropdown/dropdown multiselect, data should get filtered based on customer id ( as Ids are unique ) of selected customer in background.

Is it possible? How to achieve this in Quicksight?

Hi @rahul.kolage

let’s say

Id name surname
1 John B
2 John B
3 Max C

If you select “John - B” you will get 1 and 2. Do I understand you right you only want e.g. 2?


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@ErikG yes, I only need details of selected name, not both.

@rahul.kolage but if name is the same you do you want to make sure to pick the right name/id. Couldn’t you just do name-surname-id as drop-down elements.

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yes I want user to pick correct name. But that doesn’t mean we should show ID along with name.
It will be bad user experience. Isn’t it?
In web development also, in dropdown, display value is name and on selection of display value, actual value or ID get passed to filter the data.
I trying same in Quicksight.
So is it possible or not in Quicksight? it yes, how to do it?

But if e.g. John B. exists twice and are different people how to make sure you pick the right one?

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yes your point is correct. as mine too.
In both cases, mine and yours problems remains as John B. exists twice. We have to live with that.
Only thing is visually If i follow my way, in dropdown values appear as
John B
John B

If we consider your suggestion then dropdown will look like
John B - xyzpqrtyr
John B - qopueiftt

In Both cases user will only understand, ok, there are 2 customers with same name. He/she has to select twice to get desired details of {customer}

Anyway I will try with your approach. Lets see how it goes.

I assume, selection of customer_name works as SQL query in background in Quicksight
like SELECT Fields from Some_Table where customer_name = ‘John B - xyzpqr’

Is that correct? If yes, that means i have to create dummy column within query and map it to dropdown filter.
For customers case it’s ok to have one of our suggestion.

But this doesn’t answer my question, Does Quicksight allows to filter data using ID, if Display name is selected from dropdown.?

From our conversation it seems Quicksight doesn’t have such facility.

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Hi @rahul.kolage

for dropdown or general you will get a select distinct name from some_table. So you will not see John B twice as long as you dont have a additional attribute to differentiate.