Is dropdown label/value mapping possible?


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I’m in the need of having a map between the dropdown label (value displayed to the user) and the actual value used as a filter.

My use case would be a filter that does filter accounts, for example, where the actual filter is the account id, but the label I want the Quicksight users to use is {} - {} for example.

Is this somewhat how possible, or am I looking into a dead end?

As Jose mentioned in the other post, it’s a feature that’s coming.

In the mean time, my company concatenates the two fields together in our SQL (separated by a hypen) and displays that value in our control. Our users that know the actual value can type it in quickly, and the remaining users that want to search by name, can do so. We have over 4000 entries in this list and it works well for our users.


Thanks for the reply @cgreenacre, appreciate your time in doing so.

In my case, I’m correlating >2M entries with a few thousand accounts, so denormalizing the accounts to those entries doesn’t seem an option as it would create a huge overhead + the problem of account data being updatable so, not an option for me, unfortunately.

Correct me if I am wrong, but @JoseB-aws doesn’t explicitly say this is an upcoming feature on the linked post; he just says it will be passed forward. If it gets into the road map someday, it would take months if not years, to be available to end users.

So, still looking for alternatives if anyone has a different one :slightly_smiling_face:

The only way currently is to display the whole {} - {} in a parameter and use that parameter as a filter as well.

Has there been any progress on this?