Disable allerts creation

Hello is it a way to disable user to create alerts?

I just realized that all the users for the Dashboards can create alerts. I do not want them to create them since (I think???) it will cost money?

Thank you

Hello Remba,

If you’re an administrator, you can control who in your organization can set threshold alerts in QuickSight by creating a custom permissions policy. To set custom permissions in QuickSight, choose your user name at the upper-right corner of any QuickSight page, choose Manage QuickSight, and then choose Manage permissions.

For more info - Working with threshold alerts in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

For Customisation permission - please see -Customizing access to the Amazon QuickSight console - Amazon QuickSight

Yes - Alerts are priced based on metrics evaluated.

For more info - Business Intelligence Service – Amazon QuickSight Pricing – AWS

hope this helps.


thank you!

i have created this that should allow to download data (true?)

how do I activate this for the users…I see the permission in the manage users but do not know how to implement that for the different users

If i am not mistaken Custom permission has to be applied for each user. Please see the customising permission link shared before with below headings.

Apply a custom permissions profile to a QuickSight role with the QuickSight API
Apply a custom permissions profile to an IAM userwith the QuickSight API



good I did that with the API, thank you…another question since I am here…how do I hide the datasets used in the dashboard?
a normal user can see this:


and also, is adding forecast a payment tool? is it possible in case to block it?


Viewers cannot access the data set but they can see the dataset that is being used for the dashboard as name. As far as i know it cannot be hidden.

for other additional queries , you may restrict the below to the users via custom permission.

Hope this helps.

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@Deep Yes perfect,

at the end I let unkmarked only the export of data…so does it mean that if someone add the forcast for a visual I will not have additional cost? (not the anomaly detection)

thank you