Disable drill down while migrating dashboard

Please forgive me. I am new to Quicksight and now the Quicksight expert here at work. the question is a bit complicated so here is the upfront.

we work in dev env then migrate the dashboard to a QA env using CLI commands like update-dashboard. in update-dashboard input file I see “DashboardPublishOption” allowing to enable/disable some of the commands that show up in “share/publish” on the analysis.

now the question. I need to find a way to “migrate” the disable of drill down/up. I can disable it when I publish the analysis to a dashboard in Dev and that works great. but when I migrate to QA there is no option that I can find to “push” the disable drill up/down and it is enabled in QA.

I have tried saving the QA dashboard to an analysis, going into the new analysis in QA and doing a “share/publish” but that requires me to generate a new dashboard which will change the dashboard id and break other components of the application.

is there a way to migrate disable drill up/down similar to the way ad hoc filter option can be migrated?

   "AdHocFilteringOption": {
      "AvailabilityStatus": "DISABLED"
   "ExportToCSVOption": {
      "AvailabilityStatus": "ENABLED"
   "SheetControlsOption": {
      "VisibilityState": "COLLAPSED"



Hello Carl,
We cannot use the API for that functionality right now. We are working to include these options in the API. Visit frequently the Community release notes to be updated when these options are included in the API.
Thank you,

thank you for the response @JoseB-aws.

I would like to ask a follow-up. if I can’t do this through the API, what is the best way to get it done. My thought is:

  1. migrate the dashboard
  2. save as analysis
  3. delete the dashboard
  4. publish the analysis as the dashboard with the drill down/up disabled.
  5. fix the tables that drive our welcome screen by updating the dashboard-id.

will this work in your opinion? is there a better way to do this? I would like to find a way that does not include deleting the dashboard. that causes all sorts of id/sharing/permissions issues that I do not want to deal with. it would be ideal if I could just publish the analysis as the existing dashboard but for some reason that options is not allowed in this case.


Unfortunately that is the only way to do it as of now.