Disable the date filter based on filter selection

Hi there,
I have situation here as and when i choose 3U, the start date and end date filter should be disabled or in operable and make no impact on the visuals, whereas selecting 6V should make the dates operable to work well for the visuals. can some one pls give me an idea on how to solve this? would very much appreciate it.

Hi @pauldiv - you can use Conditional Rendering Rules to hide those other two controls.

First you will need to go to the Settings menu in your analysis and use the Free-Form layout mode.

Then move your controls into your sheet (won’t work if you have them pinned in the Controls drawer).

Your ‘3U6V’ control must be a Parameter control (not a Filter control). If you dont have a parameter for this field then create a new parameter, add a control for it, and then tie the values of this control to the same 3U6V field (as you are creating the control).

Then on the other two controls, use the ‘edit’ menu from the control, go to ‘Rules’ and add a rule to Hide the control when the 3U6V control value is set to ‘3U’


Here is more info in case you get stuck. Hope this helps!


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Hi @Jesse although we hide the controls using rules, the default date chosen for the filter still apply on the visuals(doesn’t actually disable it). correct me if i am wrong ?. Problem is i have two dates in the control, one should work for 3U and both should work for 6V because the second date is a future date