How can I add auto hide/show rule for start and end date parameters?

Hello Community,

I am working on a report where I auto hide the report unless a filter is applied. But when I tried to implement auto hide rule for start and end date parameters, it does not show the start and end date paramters in rules option. Is this option available in quicksight or this feature is yet to be implemented? And is there an alternative for adding this?

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Hi @musama

Indeed today conditional rules are based only on string and integer type parameters/controls.

Given that you can setup default from/to dates when setting up date filters, in order to come up with a solution, can you help me understand the desired final outcome of setting up these conditional rules?

Ramon Lopez

Please note you can define default values for date/time filters, so in the case where you want to ensure users narrow down query range, you can start with a default time range, mtd for example, and set default values as such. If a user wants to see different range they can go in and edit values in controls.


@Ramon_Lopez Thanks for your assistance. I was trying to hide the start end dates as well and show nothing unless I select the dates in the filters and not use default start and end dates. As I do not want to show anything when I open the report.