Display Spice Dataset Filesize on Datasets Page

On the main datasets page, it would be great if this table could display the current file size if the dataset is using SPICE storage and also current state (refreshing icon) to know, which datasets are refreshing without having to click into each one.

For managing SPICE datasets and knowing which ones are consuming the most capacity having the GB size in the main page view would be really helpful.


This would be great.

Something I thought of is that you could get this information from the QuickSight cli in describe dataset.


ImportMode → (string)

A value that indicates whether you want to import the data into SPICE.

ConsumedSpiceCapacityInBytes → (long)

The amount of SPICE capacity used by this dataset. This is 0 if the dataset isn’t imported into SPICE.

However, I don’t think it displays which are refreshing


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Thanks so much for your post. At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. Based on our protocol, we cannot provide dates, but we have noted this feedback in our internal feature request tracker.