Display Total in a bar chart

I have this graph of delivery punctuality in different countries


I want to add a fourth bar with the total (I know it can be done adding a line, but it doesn’t look good) any ideas in how to do it?

Hi @pepe2veces

Given that you are doing a group by in the chart based on countries - this might be a bit difficult to achieve how its setup right now.

An option might be to create 4 calculated fields. One for each country (using ifelse to sum only for that country) and the fourth one with the total metric.

Drawbacks are that you are hardcoding the countries into the chart but it will allow you to add the totals bar.

Please let me know if this achieves your desired column chart.

Ramon Lopez

That is a good idea, altough a little laborious to make it work, cause we have 16 different KPIs to measure punctuality (on time, 15 min late, 30 min late, etc…) so it would be 64 different calculated fields

Understood- unfortunately in one chart we can’t have multiple values AND break-by together.

I do think that it might look a little confusing to have % bars by country - then a another bar, not by % giving you the total.

Hope the workaround helped.

Ramon Lopez

the bars indicate the % of deliveries made on time, so it would be helpful to see it partitioned by country and the global one in the same chart

Anyways thaks for the help

understood - % on time for all countries. It does make sense.