Download csv data from visual for zoomed in x-axis

Hi, in a visual there is an option for Export csv, I want to ask if I zoom in on x-axis (time interval), is there a way that when I download csv I get the data only for this zoomed-in x axis?

Hello, if you mean zoom in x-axis and only download the data shown in the windows, then the answer is no. It’ll download all data of the chart.

But you can create a filter in chart1 and associate it with an action to filter only the data you want to chart2/table, then you can download the filtered data from chart2. Like in below example if I click “Finance” in left bar chart, the right side table will change to “Finance” related data. Then I can download csv with only Finance industry data.

Thanks @Sophia for the answer. I wanted to know if I can associate filtering with Data Zoom of the values on X-axis. In below visual sec is the field on X-axis and I have set up a filter for this field in that visual. But when I do data zoom for this field in the visual it is not triggering filter action that I set up to effect the another visual(on right hand side, pivot table) where first column values correspond to sec field.

Hi Raylight, I’ve tried in my account but it can’t be achieved.
Zoom in/out is just an visualization action, it won’t affect the data in the chart.
If I create a filter by date range on the original chart, “Action” won’t propagate the selected date range to the related table, as “Action” only triggered by selection of a certain data point (not range).
I’ll mark this post as a feature request. Thanks!

Hi @Sophia , is there a procedure to track the feature request? We would like to escalate this feature request, if possible.

Hi raylight, Quicksight team will prioritize the feature request based on their evaluations. We have no visibility of the progress and ETA.
If your account has a designated SA or TAM from AWS, you can ask them to raise this feature request to gain more weightage.