Drill Down Bar chart

hello all is there a way to have 2 Dimension in a Bar chart, which would end user the ability to filter data based on the Dimension selected against the measure.

Hi @olusegun83

Drilldowns are supported in all QuickSight visuals except tabular/pivot table visuals. You can add one or more dimentions to drill up/down using the steps detailed here.


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@Asem , @rajjaya ,

In my example, I am showing a bar chart with Y-Axis with a Dimension and X-Axis is always Co2 Emission numbers.

So on the Y-Axis Dimension I can add multiple levels to Drill down, lets say Category → VendorName → Country → Region etc! I am good with this.

Is there any way when I drill down to VendorName and then I can change the Y-Axis dimension of the chart from VendorName to something else.

So what I mean here is that I have drill down to VendorName now I have the filter applied with the selected VendorName, now The chart is like Y-Axis is VendorName X-Axis is Co2 Emission. Is there any where I can change the Y-Axis from VendorName to Region?

So I am expecting like when the Filter is applied, that should be there along with that I will change the dimension to something else.