Drill down with options to choose

Hi Team,

I have a requirement on Drilling down on Bar chart, When I do drill down I will always have only one option to drill-down, Want to have more than one option! As of now I see there i always only one option!

Example, CO2 Emissions Bar chart can be drilled down by Region or Business unit or Supplier! Is there anything possible to do that.

@Max , @Sanjeeb2022 , Do you have any idea on this?

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel, Using the build in drill down functionality, you can have a hierarchy, so you could go Country, Region, Business Unit. But you couldn’t also go straight from Country to Business Unit.
But you could use Actions. So create multiple actions and call them Drill down to Region, Drill down to Business unit etc. and then display a chart for that level. There’s an example in Demo Central called Interactivity - In-Place Drill Down that should give you what you need.

Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel Yes we can do that but not directly but stage by stage.
Just go through the below steps to achieve the results.

Step -1

This is the same Bar Chart where you can see Segment wise Sum of Revenue.

From here we can add the drill down from one stage to another by simply adding the desired dimensions into the Y axis.


Here lets say I want to see the drill down from Segment level to Sales Person level just select the Sales Person field and put on the Y-axis just below the Segment. Then you can see the options Drill Down to Salesperson.

Step -3

Then we can add another dimension field into the Y-axis for further drilldown. Here I am adding the Lead Name into the Y-axis below the Sales person.

So now we have a 3 level of Drill Down Segment to Sales Person then Sales Person to Lead Name

You can do one drill down at a time not multiple drill down if your requirement is different please post the query in QuickSight there are other options also for drilldown like URL action & Navigation Action.


Hi Biswajit,
Thanks for the example, in this we have only one option to Drill down into Segment/Salesperson/LeadName, in a linear manner.

In my case I wanted to have multiple options when I right click on the chart for Drilling down!


Hi @kodimalar.sakthivel did you see my comment above about in-place drill downs?

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hi @kodimalar.sakthivel , I understood so in this case we need to use the URL action & Navigation action.

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Hi @Steph,

I saw your comments, I want something more than a single dimension drill down.

Yes, the example in demo central uses allows you to have multiple actions, and you can then have different drilldowns depending on what your user chooses.