Drill down in one visual carry out same drill down in other visuals in the dashbaord

I have several visuals in my dashboard. I would like that when I select a drilldown-layer (ex. from product to segment) in one of my visuals that operation is carried out to the rest of visuals in the dashboard. Is there any way to do it?

Drill-down functionality provided by QuickSight impacts a single visual.

To achieve the result you are looking for, you can leverage parameters and calculated fields to implement drill down functionality yourself.

For example, let’s say you have a hierarchy “Category”, “Subcategory”, “Product”.
Step 1: Define a string parameter in the analysis, let’s call it “DrillDownLevel”. Set its default value to ‘Category’.
Step 2: Add a control that readers can use to change value of the DrillDownLevel parameter. Set Style to List. Type in 3 options that they can chose from: Category, Subcategory, Product.
Step 3: Add a calculated field with expression
ifelse(${DrillDownLevel}=‘Category’, {Category}, ${DrillDownLevel}=‘Subcategory’, {Subcategory}, {Product})
Step 4: Instead of using Category, Subcategory and Product fields to the visuals, use the calculated field you defined in Step 3.

Steps 1-4 allow you to change the level of aggregation in multiple visuals (everywhere you use calculated field created in step 3). The other part of “Drill Down” functionality is to specify filters (e.g. to only look at the data where Category is equal ‘Professional Services’. To replicate that, you can add Filter Controls


Check out the below example of how to use parameter to use in the place of a dynamic filter-


Thank you Tatyana and Saunak.
We shared with the customer the option to use controls and parameters but this is adding an extra layer and they dont think it is a good solution for readers because they have to interact with control layer and they would like to keep this interaction in the visual itself.

We will communicate this feature request to the appropriate team. Thanks