Dropdown Filters - Dynamically select the greatest value by default on page load

Looks like dropdown filters have some limitations in terms of values displayed.
The values are currently sorted in ascending order and its does not seem to be possible to see the values in descending order.
Looks like this is a feature request being worked upon by AWS already as per - Parameter list custom order

Also, it would be nice if the greatest value could be selected by default on page load rather than a static value selected when the dashboard was published.

For instance, if dropdown shows dates, it would be nice to see the current date selected by default when page is loaded.

Is this feature being worked upon or can be worked upon as well?

Thank you for sharing your requirement about sorting control filters, I will flag this as a feature request. In case of you date control filter, you can select today’s date or previous date as rolling date setting when creating a date filter. See the screenshot -