Dynamic Default Parameter for Anonymous Users on Embedded Dashboard?

Is it possible to create a dynamic default for a parameter for anonymous users on an embedded dashboard? The end goal is to create a dynamic date range in which certain parameter values default to the current date and others default to a calculated date relative to the current date.

I am able to do this for registered users (by creating a dataset including username and calculated date columns), but the majority of our external users access our dashboards anonymously via an embedded site.

Hi @snook -

You can do this for the anonymous embedding by passing parameter values in the url.

In case folks find this in search in the future, shortly after my initial question, Quicksight introduced the ability to use rolling, relative dates in parameters. This, more or less, met my need for default dynamic date ranges. Currently a limitation is these relative dates can only be based on standard periods (day, week, month, quarter, year).