Dynamic Default using a different dataset

Hi Quicksight Community,

I am working on a 1. dataset that consists of multiple departments. I have another 2. dataset, that has UserName, departmentID, EmpID (which means the minimum number of count, which is defined per department)and other details.

Based on the Username and departmentID of 2nd dataset, I want to filter out data in the first dataset
For Example - Only show count (from first dataset) if it’s more than EmpID (in the second dataset)

This is the parameter I’ve created, where each department has a different EmpID
This is how it’s being used in the filter.
But it is not working. Can someone help me figure out why?

Can you confirm that the dynamic default is working?

That you as your UserName see’s your EmpID?

No, @Max , it’s not working. Is there a solution to this?

It works the same way row level security works.

You can go through this document.