Dynamic Parameter

So I need to create a parameter that give me the prevous year. This could be easily created using the Paramter - Datetime [ ${year}]. Now i have another column which has year number stored as integer. the challenge is I need to put a filter by comparing this column value with the Paramter [ yr_no >= ${year}]

Since the data type for parameter and column is different, Quicksight is not letting me do it. Any work around for doing this?

Hi @ApoorvaaSingh ,

Yes you can do this by changing the data type from integer to Date. So that you can compare the field to your parameter.

Step - 1

Just go to the Dataset page and select the Integer column and select the type as Date.


Step -2

Once you select the Date type then QuickSight ask you to select the Date Format so in that place you need to put the date format as ‘yyyy’ then click on the validate button and next Update button.


Step -3

Once you will complete this steps then the Number date field is converted now as Date Field.

Step -4

After that you can create one calculated field and put your calculation for the parameter what you mentioned in the Query.

Step -5

Just Save & Publish your datasets and start preparing your analysis.

I think after completing this steps you will definitely get the result.

Please revert if you will have any challenges.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Hi @ApoorvaaSingh

Did the solution provided by @Biswajit_1993 worked for you? I am marking the reply as “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved.

Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight CommunityQ&A Forum!


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