Convert date parameter to a date


I set up a parameter with the date that I am using as a parameter. Unfortunately, it’s shown as a string. An example below:


How can I convert it to a date in the following format: ‘YYYY-MM-DD’.


Tried the DEAFULT_DATE function but apparently, it is unable to decode the string above and picks a default value.


You need to check what’s the data type in your dataset.
After that you can format it as you want.


Naveed Ali

In the dataset, it’s a date. You referred here to changing the datatype on the analysis, not the dataset.

If it’s a date in the dataset then it’s being transformed in the analysis and needs to get changed in the analysis.

Is this a kpi you are showing us?

Can you show me the field wells?

I showed you the result of narrative. Actually a parameter which is based on the date.

Can you try and wrap it in an epoch date?