Edit dashboard for other users

I’m working in a company but the reports are in another account that is not mine. I need to edit these reports but through my account, is there this possibility?

Hi @Williain,

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Thanks for your question, analyses can only be shared with users or groups who are in the same Amazon QuickSight account.
Are you able to request that the administrator for the other account add you as a user to that account? Perhaps by using your corporate email address?

See these links for more details on report sharing in QuickSight

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Thanks for the reply Andre,

But the issue is, I can preview the charts, but I can’t make changes to them, only previews.

Thanks @Williain, in that case, you can ask the Owners of the analyses to share them with you, assuming you are an Author or Admin in the same QuickSight account.

Let me know if that helps, if so, please can you mark this reply as a Solution, but let us know if this is not resolved.