Email Dashboard Failure 'No data´visual

Hello QuickSight Community,

I am getting an error email for an scheduled dashboard since one of the charts does not show any data due to a filter combination. I do not want to delete those filters since I want to see the chart whenever we have any data.

Is there a way to have that scheduled email sent with this condition?

Your help is much appreciated!

hi @DianaMaldonado

Welcome to QuickSight Community! thank you for posting your question!

would you be able to share what kind of error email you are receiving ? from your description above you would like to have scheduled email sent but the email has not been sent and you are receiving error email.

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Hello @Wakana

Thank you for your support! The error message I am getting is this one:
“1. No data on 1 visual (Users: All)”

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thanks @DianaMaldonado

Paginated Report pricing is charged based on number of report units which is based on size of data and the number of pages. so if there is no data, I think we are not generating report/data and resulting not to send an email to the users. I will file your request as feature-request.

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Thank you, @Wakana!

This would be helpful for those cases when there is no data due in one visual due to applied filters to it.