Embedded url for an application in private hosted zone


We have an application in private hosted zone. The application is only used by users within the organization using a direct connect. The users do have internet connection. Can we have an embedded url for quicksight with a private ip or an private route53 resolver.

Vivekanand V.

Hi @vivekvanand

Would defining specific allowed ip’s do the trick in this scenario? please see below.

Ramon Lopez

Hi Vivekanand,

We do not have this capability currently. We do have a Product Feature Request in queue for QuickSight VPC endpoint. This will be needed to be able to access QuickSight from a VPC without internet access.
Here’s the internal link to the PFR. Please have your AWS TAM/SA file a customer influence against this PFR on your behalf. If you don’t have an assigned AWS TAM/SA, send me your org details (at arunsant@amazon.com) and I will add it on your behalf.

Marking this response as solution to your question. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Arun Santhosh